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A sulfite-free wine by Podere San Cristoforo

Identità is a sulfite-free wine made by Podere San Cristoforo in our Maremma winery. Join me in a tour to the best wines in the world.

Sulfite-free wine: Identità 2017

Podere San Cristoforo is a winery located in Maremma, Tuscany, Italy. The owner is Lorenzo Zonin, who happens to be my husband. There is no secret that I sometimes work as a consultant. Some of their bottles are actually a joint venture of Lorenzo and I, and I am delighted to convey our latest creations with you.

Our sulfite-free wine

We are extremely satified with our Identità 2017, a skin macerated white wine coming from our Trebbiano and Vermentino oldest vineyard.

Identità has been produced without sulphites and can be considered a sulfite-free wine since the content of natural SO2 is below 10 mg/l.

The vintage

2017 vintage was characterised by the driest weather and the earliest harvest we have ever had in Podere San Cristoforo.

Coming from such challenging conditions, Identità 2017 is a viscerally thrilling wine that can be produced only once in a lifetime.

It’s a rich and dense with nuances of apple, pear and spices, endowed with phenomenal freshness, purity and depth.

Limited edition

We could only get 1960 bottles of Identità 2017. If you are interested in tasting or selling this unparallel product from Podere San Cristoforo, I would love to send you a sample.

In Podere San Cristoforo we keep experimenting with new ways to make wine and create unique bottles to make your experience a once in a lifetime.

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